Pigs Fly in New Orleans today....

Well, almost. Early this morning, a relentless rain turned into snow flurries. Soon after, it was White Out in New Orleans. Looked more like Wyoming, driving past City Park, than N'Awlins. Driving down to the French Quarter for a must have cup of Cafe Du Monde coffee and beignets, drivers were stopping everywhere to take photos, sometimes in the middle of the road.
 It was so disorienting that beignets and coffee became needed comfort food, a reminder of reality during a Wonderland moment. Yes, the world is not flat; yes, beignets are still delicious.  We were like little children again, astonished, cold and happy.
In all, we received 1 to 2 inches.
By noon, a cold rain had washed away most of the white stuff.
Above is a pic of our semi-melted one-eyed snowman, or what was left of him, after returning from Cafe Du Monde.

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