A simple apology

I'd like to offer my sincere apologies to recent subscribers for several posts that were published by accident.
While I am a football fan- who wouldn't be very proud of Drew Brees, duh?- my football happiness posted to the wrong blog!

Ay, Scotty, cyberspace can be mean!

Rather than delete the blog, Loving New Orleans, which is a great exercise in letting off steam about my post-cataclysmic city, I'll try in the future to be much more careful. So much for blogging late at night....

Also, as I tried to clean up Postcards, fix labels, etc., a few of the "fixed" posts re-published, even though they were from 2 years ago! OMG!!
Well, if that isn't a lesson in humility- nothing is.....

So now, with a renewed sense of my own un-tech saavyness [?] , I apologize if the posts offended, made you feel like you were in a time warp, or otherwise contributed to the spam in your mailbox.

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