David Cox at the Yale Center for British Art

The Yale Center for British Art is hosting a fabulous showing of the work of David Cox, with a few examples of his son's work included. Located in New Haven, CT, the exhibition closes January 4, 2009. This is an outstanding chance to see a remarkable collection of the work of one of England's premier watercolorists. Several drawings, some preparatory works for watercolors, are featured. David Cox published a primer on drawing in the early 19th century, one of the original "how to" books. His drawings are phenomenal; his watercolors have such freshness and vigor. What a rare treat to see them up close!


Fred Bell said...

Hey Joan, Merry Christmas. Your blog looks great. You've become very " hi tech". It looks great. How are things in New Orleans? I am having a show locally in Milwaukee and small works are selling pretty well. I'm thrilled.

Joan DaGradi said...

Merry Christmas, Fred! Congrats on the show in Milwaukee. Your work is so wonderful; I'm glad that they're selling well. Always fantastic to hear good news.
Hope the New Year brings good cheer to us all.
Thanks for stopping by.
Come visit and paint sometime; it becomes too hot somewhere in June.