Owen Fos's House, Lakeview

Watercolor, 11 x 14 inches
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This was the first Lakeview house that I fell in love with. A neighbor from across the street told me about Mr. Fos. He is in his 90's, living elsewhere now. I was thrilled to hear that he had survived the storm. His son is trying to take care of the house, which will probably be torn down soon. Many elderly folks in Lakeview chose to stay during Katrina, rather than leave their pets, and perished in their homes when the levee broke.

I drive by it nearly everyday and have done several studies of this structure. This was the first. I hope to do a larger version before it's gone. While I was painting here, a Sewage and Water Board employee came by, giving out handbills telling of impending street work in the area.

I feel a tremendous sense of urgency to document so many different, beautiful old houses in Lakeview before they're gone, before the street work starts, before the summer heat sets in.


serena said...

They are both just beautiful. I love the awnings - look almost like broken wings. It lends to the sadness. I hope you are well! I have been busy with my "daily paintings". http://serenasdailypainting.blogspot.com/

Take care!

Joan DaGradi said...

Thanks Serena.
Actually, thank you for visiting here; I still want to blog about our day.
It was a turning point for me. I realized that if I ever wanted to get up to speed with watercolor, I had to leave the oils behind...or at least not put them in the car.
The weather here has continued to be glorious, just like the day we painted, tho with maybe a bit more wind.
Hope that you'll visit again. Loved painting with you.
Glad that you're painting everyday.
Keep up the great work!