Away in Chicago, at the Art Institute

The Homer and Hopper Shows are too good to miss!

Truly, the Winslow Homer show, "The Color of Light" was minimally described by the museum's press releases; it is a huge blockbuster of a show. Unfortunately, this is the only location to see it; the show is not traveling elsewhere after it closes on May 10, 2008.

It lovingly details Homer's artistic journey from illustrator to artist, showing how extremely inventive he was with his watercolor work. Many of the pioneering techniques he used in his watercolors can be directly linked to the work he did as a young illustrator. A fabulous catalogue accompanies this show, which is spread over 7 to 8 rooms and includes several of his finest oils. One visit is not enough; the show has been packed from the moment the museum opens at 10:30 AM. A great time to see it quietly is on Thursday evenings at 5 PM. The Chicago Art Institute is open late on Thursday until 8 PM.

The Hopper show is also one not to miss. Chicago is the last stop for this amazing exhibition, which has already been in Boston and Washington, D.C.
Many of Hopper's best known oils, like "Early Sunday Morning" and "Nighthawks"are presented, as well as watercolors like the "Mansard Roof" and many from Gloucester and the Cape.

It's quite a thrill to walk back and forth between two giant shows, seeing some of the best watercolors and oils that American artists have ever produced.

Gotta love the Art Institute of Chicago; membership entitles you to free access to the shows, pretty much anytime, no waiting in line.


Don Gray said...

Joan, it sounds like you're having too much fun. I'm envious--would love to see the show. Have admired Hopper's "Nighthawks" in the permanent collection. I love the Institute--one of my favorite museums.

Joan DaGradi said...

Don, I hope you get to go....the watercolors were very inspiring and educational. The Silversmith Hotel is nearby, maybe 2 to 3 blocks away. I found a great rate at http://www.hotels.com. :)

The Institute is at the top of my faves, too. I was surprised that they had rearranged many of the paintings in the permanent collection that were up in October. The Chardins were gone, the Degas "Milliners" had moved and many new works were on display. They keep it fresh!

Deborah Paris said...

Joan- I am soooo jealous! I am a huge fan of both Homer and Hopper and cannot imagine how great it would be to see both shows at the same time. You are one lucky girl! And I love the new watercolors you are posting...

Joan DaGradi said...

Thanks, Deborah!
I'm trying very hard to restrain myself from going back to see them one more time before the shows close....
Thanks for the encouragement with the watercolors...and congrats on the new gallery!
I do love Chicago; what a great city.