Matassa's Grocery: in the French Quarter

watercolor, 14 x 20 inches
Painted plein air in the Quarter.


Don Gray said...

I like this a lot, Joan. Great colors that key off one another beautifully and a nice feel of sunlight.

Joan DaGradi said...

Thanks, Don!
I do love watercolor.
I'm heading down to paint in the Quarter today; it's cold and dreary, but maybe some magic will happen. Thanks for stopping by Don. Great to hear from you and I've been enjoying your posts as well. Beautiful work!

d. prizzi said...

Glad to see your back!
Very nice painting. I agree with Don......I love the colors they're wonderfully warm and inviting.

Casey Klahn said...

You have the knack for clean, basic watercolors that pop. A la' Dong Kingman, a fave of mine.

Joan DaGradi said...

Thanks, D! Nice to be back...and working.
Thanks for stopping by.

Joan DaGradi said...

Wow, Casey, what high praise!!!! I'm still trying to learn how to do them.... I'll remember what you said the next time that I'm literally ready to throw in the towel. Thanks a bunch- really appreciate the positive reinforcement. Hoping to get to the Winslow Homer/ Hopper watercolor shows in Chicago.