"Last Snow, May", oil, 18 x 28 in.


m collier said...

Beautiful !!

Joan DaGradi said...

Thank you.

Don Gray said...

Oh my, is it winter already?
Lovely, Joan.

Joan DaGradi said...

Thanks, Don!
When it's 98 outside, nothing cools off the studio like painting a snow scene......I start dreaming of snow around July 1st.
Since we get maybe a half inch or so once every 15 years down here, it's still romantic.
Glad you're back; hope the trip was great.

Candy Barr said...

Wonderful. Just found your site. So sorry about the NOLA loss. Good for you to be able to still paint such rich bucolic landscapes and find the beauty.

Joan DaGradi said...

Thanks Candy!
I appreciate your comments. It was also great to find your site. Your work is lovely! Thanks for writing.