"Waves Breaking", oil, 24 x 30 in.


Casey Klahn said...

I'm a big, big fan of grey. That's why I love the grey sky and other greys in this painting.
Of course, I grew up in Grays Harbor, Washington, where "gray" skys were the rule.
You don't get as many of those in N.O., I'll bet.
We'll have to talk about grey some more in the future, as I could go on and on about it.

Joan said...

Thanks, Casey! You're right on target; this was painted from a brief stay in Yachats, Oregon. It was a view I saw from a hotel window overlooking the ocean at night.
Beautiful, beautiful greys everywhere.
It's amazing to me that a view seen for a few seconds has stayed with me so long and generated several paintings.

Casey Klahn said...

That is so interesting, it's spooky. I once saw an image of a tree growing out and over the Hoquiam River, behind a log yard. I drew that remembered image,40 years later, and drew it and drew it many times, too.
I think it is all part of a tendency to absorb what we see.

Robin Neudorfer said...