Yellow Roses #4

This is the last one of the Yellow Rose Series.They are enjoyable from the standpoint of forcing one to go a bit farther, simply to fulfill the committment. Hoping to start a fresh series tomorrow- maybe a series of watercolor still life around a silver theme....or if weather permits, I've been wanting to start a series of watercolors entitled "Lakeview". My neighborhood was profoundly affected by Katrina. Only recently have I been able to paint any of the damaged homes. It's very emotional to see so much devastation every day. Since we returned to New Orleans less than a year ago, I've learned to bake fresh bread to avoid having to go to any grocery stores, which are @ 3 miles away in 2 different directions, but which all require driving through once lovely, thriving neighborhoods. Things are getting better slowly...It's unbelievably better than it was this time last year...but many homes and businesses remain untouched since the storm.

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